October 11, 2023 – Scottsdale, AZ – Amano McGann, Inc., the leading provider of Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) in North America, is proud to share the completion of the PARCS project at the Cardone Corporate Center.

The 250,000+ square foot Cardone Corporate Center is a Class A, muti-tenant facility featuring twin buildings with Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired style that was recently purchased by Cardone Capital. The facility is managed by Ryan Companies. The property serves as the gateway to North Scottsdale with retail, hospitality, and entertainment nearby. Cardone Corporate Center features secured parking, private balconies, inviting common areas, outdoor amenities, sleek styling, high-quality finishes, and is also Energy Star rated.

Elevate Parking, out of Phoenix, AZ, was tasked with upgrading and managing parking at the Cardone Corporate Center. The site had legacy Amano McGann AMG hardware, but that system had been in place for over a decade and infrastructure had not been updated since initial installation. Wire runs and loops were in desperate need of attention.

Class A tenants expect a Class A parking experience and Elevate Parking demanded nothing less for the Cardone Corporate Center. Having worked with other PARCS suppliers in the past, Elevate Parking was cautious about system limitations they had experienced. After an in-depth presentation and Q&A session from local Amano McGann expert, Jaime Hicks, Elevate Parking partnered with Amano McGann to upgrade the system to Amano ONE. One of the asks from Elevate Parking was that tenants’ existing proximity access cards must work with the new system. Amano McGann Arizona ran extensive testing with the existing cards and the functionality remained flawless. The Cardone Corporate Center’s four lanes of equipment were uninstalled, infrastructure was upgraded, and new hardware and software was deployed in two days.

Clients were impressed with the execution of the installation. “Chris [Dix], Jaime [Hicks], and Frank [Evans] have always been amazing to work alongside,” said Katie Richerbach, Managing Member at Elevate, “The installation at Cardone Corporate Center in Scottsdale has been the most seamless of all the installations I’ve had my hand in to date. We appreciate the attention to detail that the Amano team provides each client and look forward to expanding upon our relationship!” Ann Bohlke, Senior Real Estate Manager with Ryan Properties said, “I’m extremely impressed with the professionalism and teamwork displayed by Amano McGann throughout the process of replacing our garage equipment at Cardone Corporate Center.” She continues, “The team was always open to explaining the intricacies of the process from start to finish.”

The tenants at Cardone Corporate Center have also noticed a difference in their parking experience. Bohlke explains, “The tenants at the building have been equally impressed with the look and ease of use when accessing the garage. Our office has received multiple compliments!”

“We’re truly honored to build upon our longtime partnership with this location by bringing them our all-new Amano ONE solution,” said Chris Dix, Regional Sales Director at Amano McGann. “We’re equally as honored to forge new partnerships with Cardone Capital, Ryan Companies, and Elevate Parking. These are three heavy hitters in their respective industries, and we’re excited to be a part of a great team.”

To learn more about Amano ONE, email insidesales@amanomcgann.com.

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