Amano McGann’s off-street solutions represent a shared vision with our customers to present the parking patron with an innovative, intuitive parking experience. Our offerings include entry, exit, revenue management, and access control paired with advanced software for efficient facility management. With more than one comprehensive system available, you can be sure we have the right solution to manage your parking operations.


Feature-Rich, Encrypted 2D Barcode Solution

OPUSeries parking devices utilize the latest system architecture and communication platforms. These sophisticated terminals are manufactured in the U.S. and use unique, encrypted 2D barcode technology and offer P2PE EVM-capable credit card processing for fast and secure transactions. Intuitive user-guidance simplifies parking through dynamic color displays and voice announcement. OPUSeries works in conjunction with Amano McGann’s Pro+ Software for unparalleled control of your facilities and is perfect for high-volume locations where a superior customer experience with flexible payment options is a must.

Aria Series One

Simple to Install, Simple to Support, and Low-Cost

The Aria Series One product line combines well-established CVPS software with Amano manufactured enclosures and uses exclusively modular IP and USB hardware components to deliver a dependable, flexible, and low-cost solution.

A single Aria device can function as an entry, exit, or credit card pay station. Aria Series One is driven by cloud-based software and supports P2PE and EMV credit card processing, proximity access, built-in call center, and mobile pay-by-phone solutions.

Overture® Series

Efficient, Linear Barcode Solution with Sleek Styling

Overture was developed with streamlined components to be mechanically efficient while facilitating complex functionality. The linear barcode solution takes advantage of the latest technology and offers P2PE EVM-capable credit card processing for fast and secure transactions while dynamic color displays provide intuitive user guidance to simplify the parking process. Overture devices work in harmony with the Overture Management System to deliver a cost-effective solution with the necessary tools to effectively manage your parking facility.