Amano McGann is your contactless parking solutions partner, delivering powerful tools for a safe, innovative, and intuitive parking experience. We understand that eliminating touch points with system devices can greatly improve the safety and overall experience for customers. This understanding has driven our passion to integrate options like LPR, Bluetooth, NFC, and mobile payments into our core solutions.

Touchless Ticket Issue

Sensor Technology – Utilizing a sensor in place of the ticket issue button allows a ticket to be issued with just the wave of a hand. Depending on the location’s configuration, options may also be available to auto-issue a ticket when the loop is triggered.

Handsfree Access

AVI Access – Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) readers allow an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) sticker, hang tag, transponder, or toll tag to be used as a credential for contract parkers or frequent parker program members.

Bluetooth Access – Bluetooth readers provide the ability to utilize HID’s app on a smartphone as a credential and gain access by waving the phone near the reader.

Proximity Access – Proximity readers integrated into lane devices allow cardholders to simply wave their proximity card in front of the reader to gain access to a facility.

LPR Access – License Plate Recognition cameras can be used to read license plates registered as a credential to allow automatic access without interacting with devices. LPR cameras can also be used to tie the license plate number to a transient ticket and automatically raise the exit gate, if the parker settles their fee at a central pay station.

Web-Based Passes – Single or multi-day passes can be displayed on a smartphone and scanned at lane devices for facility access.

Contactless Payment

NFC Payment – Near Field Communication (NFC) credit card terminals enabled with Tap and Go technology allow parking fees to be paid with smartphones through Apple Pay and Google Pay for safe and secure transactions.

Mobile Payment – Aria’s mobile pay by phone feature allows a transient ticket to be scanned with a smartphone and parking fees paid via a secure payment website.

Pre-Paid Mobile Payment – Integration with third-party reservation systems provide the ability to pre-pay for parking and scan the barcode receipt at Amano McGann lane device for facility access.

Online ValidationsValidations can be applied to a transient ticket through the parking management software or a barcode validation can be emailed and scanned at lane devices for access.