Amano McGann offers advanced on-street parking solutions to provide smart parking for smart cities. Improve the patron experience with a user-friendly interface while leveraging comprehensive, real-time reporting and management tools to enhance your parking operation.

MSM Sprite Series

Advanced Functionality, Compact Design, Futureproof

The Amano MSM Sprite terminal powered by Metric is designed with the needs of smart cities in mind. Sprite offers enhanced security, solar power options, customizable keypads, and EMV/PCI compliant payment options which include Chip and contactless technology. Sprite terminals communicate with Mi-Office back office software for remote management, function updates, and real-time dynamic tariff configurations for demand-based pricing.


Back Office Software

Mi-Office software delivers dynamic, intuitive data and centralized remote management of your multi-space meter operations from any web enabled device. The Mi-Office management tool can be installed on- or off-premise and is built around a live, interactive dashboard that is user-specific and intuitive to navigate. The dashboard allows for instant visibility of revenue data, machine status, and performance notifications and is configurable to show key, snapshot reports that are most relevant to your business. Two-way communication technology enables the Sprite units to communicate real-time status and transactional data while allowing software updates, rate changes, and public messaging to be easily pushed to the terminals.