AMG Payment Stations
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AMG-4300 ExpressParc® Credit Card Only Central Pay Station

The AMG-4300 ExpressParc® Credit Card Only Central Pay Station is typically located at a central location within the parking facility. The system accepts entry tickets, expired exit tickets, validated tickets, and magstripe validation coupons, calculates the parking fee, accepts and processes the credit card, prints and issues a receipt on request, and issues a paid exit ticket.

AMG-7800 Series Pay-On-Foot Central Pay Station

The AMG-7800 automatic Central Pay Station is designed as a fast pay-processing unit and is perfect for large-scale 24-hour operations. Transactions are fast and easy for the user—virtually eliminating long lines and delays.

OPUS-5000 Series POS Terminal

The OPUS-5000 Series Point of Sale Terminal performs automatic parking fee calculations. The large touch screen and the simplicity of the Fee Engine process allows for minimum cashier training.