AMG Exit Stations
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AMG-4070 Series Exit Pay Station

The AMG-4070 Series Exit Pay Station is designed for multiple uses, typically at the unattended exits of a parking facility. The AMG-4070 accepts paid parking tickets, and confirms the patron has paid and exited within the programmed lag-time. This unit increases throughput by providing rapid exit from the facility and increases exit lanes with no added labor costs.

AMG-4570 ExpressParc® Exit Pay Credit Card System

The AMG-4570 Series ExpressParc® Exit Pay Credit Card Station accepts entry tickets and validation coupons, calculates parking fees, accepts and processes credit cards, and issues receipts. The AMG-4570 interfaces with an on-line credit card host PC for fee calculation and credit card processing. This unit is extremely cost efficient because it reduces the need for cashiers, allowing for effective employee utilization.

AMG-6700 Pay-in-Lane Exit Station

The AMG-6700 Series Pay-in-Lane Station was designed for flexibility and ease of use in any facility. The fully functional, touch screen controlled device is the perfect solution for 24/7 unattended operations. The Pay-in-Lane Station processes magnetic stripe entry tickets from the AMG-2000 Series Entry Station. Payment options include credit card, bills, coins, and/or bulk validation tickets. Mobile and barcode validations can also be processed through the optional FlexScan QR400® barcode imager.