Retail locations typically have the most diverse user groups due to an array of different shops drawing their own target groups. Customers from every age and background visit the center and each has their own expectations of the experience, including parking. How do you accommodate all of them and still keep the shop owners happy? By providing flexible payment options, validation programs and service levels which can accommodate even the most discriminating patron. 

Why would a patron visit one center over another? Customer service is the differentiator and nothing says customer service like Amano Valet. Self-service payment stations, remote car request, queuing screen and mobile payment options all provide a superior level of service for even the most distinctive center.

Mega shopping complexes with thousands of parking spaces in multiple locations can lead to confusion when searching for parking spaces prior to shopping, not to mention making it difficult for patrons to find their car after a long day at the mall.  Amano’s M3 Parking Guidance System offers the ability to find a parking space 50% faster and easily relocate lost vehicles after a busy day of shopping.

Amano McGann’s modular design allows for the implementation of any mixture of functionality and flexibility to provide the solution for your center. Popular modules for the retail sector are:

  • Flexible Validation Solutions
  • Employee Nesting
  • Integrated Valet
  • Integrated FlexScan
  • Parking Guidance System