The majority of parking patrons at an office building are employees or contract parkers. Companies often negotiate parking leases which include specific trigger dates whereby rate increases are applied to reserved spaces for the executives. How difficult can this be to manage?

Property management staff for the parking facility may be promoted, transferred or replaced. No longer is the individual who negotiated the lease available to put the policies in motion. Amano McGann’s lease rate management allows for the activation dates of new contract fees to be assigned to the corporate account years in advance and disseminated down to all active employees.

Every tenant has their own preferred method for handling visitor parking. Some want to pay for all of their visitor’s parking; others only want to pay for time spent in their office. How do you provide this much flexibility in the validation program? Amano McGann’s online validation system allows for each company to provide a unique login credential which enables them to either generate a barcode validation coupon or apply a desired discount to the parking ticket.

Amano McGann’s modular design allows for the implementation of any mixture of functionality and flexibility to provide the solution for your center. Popular modules for the office sector are:

  • Flexible Validation Solutions
  • Employee Nesting
  • Parking Guidance System
  • Integrated FlexScan
  • Lease Management