Municipalities are striving to provide more customer services, amenities and conveniences to citizens and visitors who expect access to real-time information. How can they accomplish this when their budgets are being slashed and even maintaining existing services is becoming increasingly difficult?  Efficiency! Everyone is striving for more efficient methods including the patrons of the municipal parking facilities, lots and spaces.

Navigating around large cities can place some drivers outside of their comfort zone, especially those that are unfamiliar with the area. Cities can assist drivers by directing them to garages with available spaces thus eliminating extra driving, and reducing congestion and emissions.

Municipalities are also looking at ways to refresh parking assets with new technology to provide modern conveniences such as credit card payment, pay by phone and receipts.  Integrating these revenue control systems facilitates easier revenue and asset tracking. Amano McGann offers a full line of on and off-street parking solutions so you can benefit from one application that helps you manage the entire parking spectrum.

Amano McGann’s modular design allows for the implementation of any mixture of functionality and flexibility to provide the best solution for your city. Popular modules for the municipal sector are:

  • Government ID Card Integration
  • Financial System Integration
  • Multi-Facility Management
  • Flexible Validation Solution
  • Parking Guidance System
  • Multi-Technology Reader
  • Fleet Vehicle Nesting
  • Digital Sign Control