Healthcare campuses have essentially grown into small cities. They are no longer just a medical center. Campuses have added retail areas, restaurants, office towers, and a variety of other service amenities. User groups include patients, employees, doctors, tenants, and retail visitors among a host of others. 

In the past, many in the healthcare industry considered parking a necessary evil and often viewed it as a cost center rather than a profit center. Automating a facility was virtually impossible due to the multitude of departments providing validations. Now, with web based validation programs, print at home parking passes, and integrated FlexScan QR400® readers, automation can make sense for almost any location.

Wayfinding can be the most overlooked function of a parking system. Campuses have directional signage to different buildings, but few provide information on the availability of parking. Alleviate these issues with Amano McGann’s parking guidance systems which easily communicate space status and direct patrons to available parking.

Leave your patrons feeling more at ease by taking care of their parking for them with Amano Valet. Our valet solution provides patients and visitors a helping hand while increasing the hospital’s traffic control and offsetting operating costs.

Amano McGann’s modular design allows for the implementation of any mixture of functionality and flexibility to provide the solution for your campus. Popular modules for the healthcare sector are:

  • Flexible Validation Solutions
  • Employee Nesting
  • Integrated Valet
  • Parking Guidance System
  • Digital Sign Control
  • Multi-Facility Management
  • Integrated Hotel
  • Integrated FlexScan