Event venues traditionally have been all about cash and lots of it. However, cash can be difficult to track, and can limit the flexibility in the fees that can be charged due to the need to make change. Amano McGann’s flexible Event Solution provides the ability to accept several forms of payment including cash, credit card, pre-paid passes, season passes, ticketing agency credentials, and VIPs. The terminal application allows for multiple events at a location and multiple rates per event providing great visibility in regards to the traffic that each event is generating for your site.  

Mixed use sites have always been hampered with controlling the facility during events. Our Event Management Solution is an integrated module to the entire suite of Amano McGann products, allowing for gate up or down operation at both the entrance and the exit. The site can have automated express lanes for pre-paid passes including ticketing agency credentials, season passes, day passes, or VIP passes with anti-pass back being enforced across the platform.  

Ticketing agencies are now being enlisted to sell both the seats for an event and the parking which can lead to complexities with print at home and smartphone based passes.The FlexScan QR-400® barcode system handles these complexities to provide one simple solution.

Amano McGann’s Event Parking Management System provides the flexibility and audit controls needed to deliver a high level of customer service while maintaining the financial controls desired. Popular modules for the event sector are:

  • Event Management Facility Software
  • Count and Monitoring
  • Digital Sign Controls
  • Parking Guidance System
  • Ticket Agency Integration
  • Multi-Technology Readers
  • Event Handheld  & Desktop Terminal