Airports are the crossroads for the movers and shakers of the world. Competition is everywhere due to the concentrated demand for parking. So why would a potential patron choose your facility? Convenience, service and amenities. Amano McGann offers the most extensive product offering in the industry to provide solutions that best fit your needs.

Looking for a way to add new accounts and drive more customers to your location? The Amano McGann Frequent Parker Program allows for corporate accounts to be established, point earnings defined, corporate credit cards accepted for payment, online receipt generation and activity review. Valued patrons can bypass long transient lines and proceed directly to express lanes.

The management of commercial vehicles can be an overwhelming task. Hundreds, if not thousands, of cabs, limos and shuttles flood the facility on a daily basis. Amano McGann’s Ground Transportation system allows for automated billing, controlled queuing areas, FIFO queuing display, trip charge assessment and violation programs.

The Valet system provides full integration and a high level of customer service with mobile welcoming and cashiering. The system’s ability for remote call down by several methods is key to the airport sector.

Amano McGann’s modular design allows for the implementation of any mixture of functionality and flexibility to provide the solution for your center. Popular modules for the airport sector are:

  • Frequent Parker Program
  • Parking Guidance
     • Only camera based solution
     • Enforcement module
     • Premium Parking Rates
  • License Plate Recognition
  • License Plate Inventory
  • Ground Transportation
  • Integrated Valet
  • Gateless Employee Nesting