On-Street Solutions
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Manage parking from every angle with Amano McGann’s on-street solutions by increasing revenue, improving operational efficiencies, delivering diverse payment options, streamlining enforcement and enabling maximum convenience. Amano McGann offers innovative on-street solutions to provide smart parking for smart cities.

Amano MSM Sprite

The Amano MSM Sprite terminal powered by Metric is a futureproof solution designed with the needs of smart cities in mind. The terminal offers greater security, enhanced power managment, a totatable solar panel, and a customizable keypad. The Spite offers the latest EMV/PCI compliant payment options, Chip & Pin, Chip & Contactless, and Contactless-Only - which supports mobile contactless paymetn technology including Apple Pay. The new terminal can also accept coins, bills, smart cards, and coupons. The Sprite tariff engine supports real-time dynamic tariff configurations, allwoig the operator to structure pricing based on demand and capacity.