OPUS Payment Stations
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OPUS-4800 Series Credit Card Only Pay-on-Foot Station

The OPUS-4800 Series Credit Card Pay-on-Foot Station is an excellent option for traffic heavy parking facilities. Patrons simply insert an entry ticket from the OPUS-2000 Entry Terminal into the OPUS-4800 and pay the parking fee via a credit card or 2D barcode bulk validations tickets before returning to their vehicle. Congestion at the exit lane is greatly reduced.

OPUS-7800 Series Pay-on-Foot Station

The OPUS-7800 Series Central Pay-on-Foot Station was designed for flexibility and ease of use in any facility. The fully functional, touch screen controlled device is the perfect solution for 24/7 unattended operations.

OPUS-5000 Series POS Terminal

The OPUS-5000 Series Point of Sale Terminal performs automatic parking fee calculations. The large touch screen and the simplicity of the Fee Engine process allows for minimum cashier training.