Software Management Systems

Successfully manage your facility through Amano McGann’s software systems made with a multitude of options to fit each individual facility’s needs. Get connected to all of your installed hardware with our state-of-the-art software including Access Control, Revenue Management, Count Monitoring, and report-generating systems. Boost revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and make informed business decisions through the use of our advanced software solutions.


Pro+ Facility Management Software

Accurate, timely data is the key to making informed, strategic decisions for your operation. Amano McGann's Pro+ Software solution communicates with OPUSeries devices in real-time to provide a dynamic, real-time view of your assets and makes it easy to manage all revenue and access control functions in one fully-scalable, feature-rich program. 

Overture Management System

The Overture Management System (OMS) software delivers the tools you need to administer your operations efficiently with complete visibility and control of all your Overture devices. The full-featured, web-based software helps you regulate parking revenue, counts, and access control. An array of optional modules is available to meet your needs and real-time data streaming from payment devices provides up to the minute statistical information. 

Aria Series One Software

Aria Software, built on the CVPS software platform, provides a comprehensive back-office solution for Aria Series One devices delivering a fully-integrated self and valet parking system. Deployed in the cloud, Aria provides web-based controls for intuitive dashboards, user alerts, reporting, and system management. Aria's built-in call center allows you to easily assist customers in the lane with the ability to view device status and transactional details, push rates to payment devices, and vend gates. 

Symphony Analytics

Symphony Analytics is a cutting-edge data analytics tool that delivers powerful, intuitive dashboards and enables collaboration across facilities. With multi-tenancy capability, owners and operators can interact with their data from multiple locations, all in one place. Symphony Analytics Essentials delivers an enhanced user experience with easy to use charts and reports that illustrate key metrics. Consolidated dashboards and reports provide the ability to filter and concentrate information to get relevant data views.

Symphony Analytics Power expands on the functionality of Essentials by harnessing Power BI to deliver the tools for interactive visualizations of current, historical, and comparative data. Analytics allows you to interact with and analyze data from off-street, on-street, valet, and other third-party systems to better understand how your facility is performing, monitor patron behavior for development of profitable rate structures, compare occupancy data to guid strategic business decisions, and see how revenue is trending against your budget.